IMG_5796_smallCOMMUNITY – Contributing for the sake of others.

Time and Resources – We donate a significant portion of our time and resources to local cancer charities and to local charities serving the needs of our most vulnerable members in the community – children-at-risk and their families.

If you are someone you know is dealing with cancer, please contact us.  There are resources that are available to you to which we might be able to help get you or your loved one connected. There is hope.

Great achievements come from working together. LaField Lighting is committed to working with our community to bring hope and light to people in need.

If you would like to know how you can help children at risk, there are several programs we know of in the area that are doing good.  Give us a call.  There is hope.

Be sure to ask us about the butterfly gardens we lovingly create for kids with cancer!