Edison Flying_ISOLATEDFireflies Inspire the Design for LED Lights

Why the LaField Lighting Firefly Logo? Two reasons, both reasons relate to…Bioluminescence.

Bioluminescence, what is it? – Scientists studying the firefly discovered that this little critter flashes a bioluminescent, or ‘cold light,’ which means less energy is used in creating light. As you can imagine, researchers are now applying this discovery to lighting.

Fireflies Inspire the Design for LED Lights. LaField Lighting installs LED lights, which are now constructed with a lens pattern that mimics (you guessed it) the firefly.

But, you may be surprised to know that the firefly is helping Cancer research. Here’s how. The firefly produces two chemicals during light production called luciferase and luciferin. In short, these chemicals are being attached to cancerous cells such that those cells become sensitive to light, then begins to glow destroying the cancerous cells. Scientists are using the acronym BLADe (Bioluminescence Activated Destruction of cancer) to describe this developing medical technique.

Did you know that improper landscape lighting and pesticides interfere with firefly mating? LaField lighting is committed to protecting the firefly habitat.

Through our Hope Grows Initiative LaField Lighting has long contributed a portion of our annual income to cancer research, therapy and patient assistance in our community.

So you can see, for the LaField Lighting family, the firefly’s connection to our community’s fight to eliminate cancer is our most important reason for choosing the bioluminescent firefly as our logo.

Thank you Joshua LaField for creating the sketch of Edison the firefly, which makes a difference in the lives of many people.